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Helping others to do the same. Offering help advice & support about production, equipment, technologies for online and broadcast video production video streaming and content delivery networks.

An independent online journalist and film-maker community is crucial. In a world of multinational news corps independent voices often... In fact almost always get drowned out. Developing an online collaborative vibrant journalistic alternatives is PARAMOUNT (Dun dun dun) Finding business models to enable this is another matter.

Let Me look TV was started as a hobby. A social prescription. After a period of poor health both Physical and Mental. After getting to rock bottom in terms of mental health and well being. having got nowhere for over 5 years trying to get support!, for issues relating to abuse survival parental suicide etc. diagnosed - depression, c-ptsd. also in parallel failing physical health .A period of illness, operations etc. (still recovering) I re-found film making. I basically use film making to get out of the house ROFL (spent over a year hardly leaving the house at all). Without having this outlet I think I would have fallen by the wayside. Like so many.

I am interested in social justice. Particularly abuse survivors & disabled rights, mental health care, NHS, We live in a time where every corner stone of modern civilised society is being attacked. The NHS, Education, social care, The justice and prison system.

Poor and some would say criminal management of the public purse over the last 3+ decades has meant that we are being robbed via schemes such as PFI. With the emergence of Trade partnership deals being done. In secret across all fronts and continents. The is a bewildering amount of subjects that need alternative voices. Voices not given time in the main newspaper and broadcast media.

Media and media freedom is a passion of mine. The media should exist to hold government power and corporations to account. This is no longer the case. Over the last 30 years or so deregulation in the western media has meant a hoovering up of local radio newspapers cable TV, and Satellite never stood a chance. The cost of entry combined with the timing in the emergence of satellite television (Thatcher and Regan era) meant that that broadcast medium was the domain of multinationals and their message.

The internet is a great leveller and gives everyone the opportunity to have their say. This paradoxically has turned opinion. To a degree, in to the white noise of millions speaking at once. I believe it is still important to document events and opinions despite that. Internet Freedoms, are a crucial issue, and real neutrality are areas that need highlighting and are cause for great concern.

Film production; documentaries, live run and gun multi camera live production, on-line video streaming, and associated technologies hardware and software. Editing filming graphics hardware systems building specifying and trouble shooting

I also am interested in DIY & Maker technologies recycling components hardware and re-purposing (Basically I'm a bit of a hoarder, lol)

Arduino, Raspberry Pi projects. Photography home automation internet of things, hours of distracting fun for me to get my Geek on.

I hope to use my self driven rehabilitation to eventually develop a full time profession. Filming, Editing, Organising and producing content. Online streaming events and online television station solutions to small and medium sized companies, independent media, eduction and non governmental charity type organisations.

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